About Us

My passion in colours, delicate design, vintage and boho came out later in my life. I raised two boys when I was quite young and later on when life took me to a new direction, I had my daughter when I was way over 40's.  

I stumbled upon Polymer Clay when I was looking for an activity for my toddler during Covid 19 lockdown.  Clay for adults! that's what I told myself when I saw it. I did find an activity for my toddler and also found an activity for myself.  Since then, I was hooked. Polymer Clay has taken me in to the whole new world. I finally found the thing I love doing. 

My new passion has opened up my eyes and soul. I am grateful that it has given me a sense of freedom and achievement. I jump out of bed every morning with excitement to start my day and being creative and free to experiment with colours and designs in the world of Polymer Clay.

Come and check on my collections if you are looking for something special for yourself and your loved ones. The jewellery pieces are handmade by me. they are all one of a kind. Even a pair don't look exactly the same because they are made individually not by massive machine production. 

I hope you can see how much joy and love I have put on to my jewellery. And if you ever by an item (or two) from me, you will also feel the love and how special you are. xx